New to SCMS: Clubs

With Christmas Break almost over and students getting set to return to school we are preparing to begin a new journey at SCMS.  In December students were given a handout about our newest endeavor to increase student participation, clubs.  Students were given a wide variety of clubs to select from, 47 in all.  Starting in January students and staff will participate in clubs.  Club Days will be held during the morning of every early release day, the first being January 24.   The addition of a Club Day to our school will get more students involved in things that they are interested in and allow students and staff to get to know one another in a different setting.   The staff and students are excited about the addition to our school.  The staff who are sponsoring the clubs have taken their time to select clubs that not only interest them but also will be of interest to the students.  The sponsors of the club have worked hard to prepare activities for the students to participate in during the club meeting time.  We have planned the addition of a Club Day to our early release schedule but as with any new venture problems may arise and we will need to adjust.  We decided to pursue clubs beginning in January as a trial run for next school year, to iron out problems and fine-tune for 07-08.



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Inviting Schools

I just returned from an Inviting Schools conference in Asheville, North Carolina.  The purpose of the conference was for us to learn how to become a more inviting school.  Attending the conference with me were Mrs. Kiser, Mrs. Schornick, and Mr. Wells.  Each of us attended several sessions which we designed to provide us with information of the steps and plans that we need to take to become more inviting.  During these sessions and workshops we learned valuable content that will help us in our process.  Within the next month we will be establishing committees designed to move our school toward our goal of invitational education.  In the next few months we will be sending surveys home for parents and students to complete and let us know how we are doing and what areas we need to improve.  The goal of invitational education is to create an environment where individuals (students, parents, staff, and community) are treated with respect, dignity, and value.  Scott County Middle School is a place where we value the input of all stakeholders and we look forward to working with parents, students, and community members to help us improve and become more inviting. 

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Successful Start to the Year

This year at Scott County Middle School we have many new students and some new members of our teaching staff.  The new students have blended in well with those students who have returned and our new teachers have strengthened our staff. 


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